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acorn-fdisk(8) -h
partition editor for Acorn/RISC OS machines
-h | --help  Display a short usage and exit immediately.


acorn-fdisk -h | --help | -v | --version


Display the default device's partition table on a PC:
acorn-fdisk --type PC/BIOS -l
Display the PC partition table of /dev/sda:
acorn-fdisk --type PC/BIOS --list /dev/sda
Display the size in blocks of the partition /dev/sda1:
acorn-fdisk --type PC/BIOS --size /dev/sda1
Edit the MBR partition table interactively:
acorn-fdisk --type PC/BIOS
Display the partition table of an MBR backed up to a file:
acorn-fdisk -t PC/BIOS -l mbrdump.bin
Display the size of the first partition on a device where the MBR would be restored from the backup file mbrdump.bin:
acorn-fdisk -t PC/BIOS -s mbrdump.bin1

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