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acpidump(1) -b
dump a system's ACPI tables to an ASCII file
-b, --binary
       dump data in binary form rather than in hex-dump format


Dump the DSDT table to the file DSDT.aml in binary format (this can be disassembled later with iasl(1)): acpidump -b -t DSDT -o DSDT.aml
Show the FACP table: acpidump -t FACP > FACP.dat acpixtract -a FACP.dat iasl -d FACP.dat
Dump and extract all ACPI tables: acpidump -o DSDT.dat acpixtract -a
Parse APIC tables: acpidump -o DSDT.dat acpixtract -sAPIC DSDT.dat

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