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adintool(1) -in
a tool to record / split / send / receive audio streams
-in  inputdev
  Audio input device. "mic" to capture via microphone input, "file" for audio file input, and "stdin" to
  read raw data from standard-input. For file input, file name prompt will appear after startup. Use
  "adinnet" to make adintool as "adinnet server", receiving data from client via network socket. Default
  port number is 5530, which can be altered by option "-inport".

  Alternatively, input device can be set by "-input" option, in which case you can use plugin input.


Record microphone input to files: "data.0000.wav", "data.0001.wav" and so on: Split a long speech file "foobar.raw" into "foobar.1500.wav", "foobar.1501.wav" ...: Copy an entire audio file via network socket. Detect speech segment, send to Julius via network and recognize it:

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