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admin(1posix) -e
create and administer SCCS files (DEVELOPMENT)
-e  login
       Specify a login name, or numerical group ID, to be erased from the list of users allowed  to  make
       deltas  (changes)  to  the  SCCS file. Specifying a group ID is equivalent to specifying all login
       names common to that group ID. Several -e options may be used on a single admin command line.


admin -i[name][-n][-a login][-d flag][-e login][-f flag][-m mrlist] [-r rel][-t[name][-y[comment]] newfile
admin -n[-a login][-d flag][-e login][-f flag][-m mrlist][-t[name]] [-y[comment]] newfile ...
llist Specify a list of releases to which deltas can no longer be made (that is, get -e against one of these locked releases fails). Conforming applications shall use the following syntax to specify a list. Implementations may accept additional forms as an extension:



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