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admin(1posix) -m
create and administer SCCS files (DEVELOPMENT)
-m  mrlist
       Insert the list of modification request (MR) numbers into the SCCS file as the reason for creating
       the  initial delta in a manner identical to delta. The application shall ensure that the v flag is
       set and the MR numbers are validated if the v  flag  has  a  value  (the  name  of  an  MR  number
       validation  program).  A  diagnostic  message  shall  be  written  if  the v flag is not set or MR
       validation fails.


admin -i[name][-n][-a login][-d flag][-e login][-f flag][-m mrlist] [-r rel][-t[name][-y[comment]] newfile
admin -n[-a login][-d flag][-e login][-f flag][-m mrlist][-t[name]] [-y[comment]] newfile ...
admin [-a login][-d flag][-m mrlist][-r rel][-t[name]] file ...



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