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aenpr(1) -LIBrary
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-LIBrary abspath
        This option may be used to specify a directory to be searched for global state files and user
        state files.  (See aegstate(5) and aeustate(5) for more information.)  Several library options
        may be present on the command line, and are search in the order given.  Appended to this
        explicit search path are the directories specified by the AEGIS_PATH environment variable (colon
        separated), and finally, /usr/local/lib/aegis is always searched.  All paths specified, either
        on the command line or in the AEGIS_PATH environment variable, must be absolute.


Pointer The project pointer will be added to the first element of the search path, or /var/lib/aegis if no path is set. If this is inappropriate, use the -LIBrary option to explicitly set the desired location. See the -LIBrary option for more information.

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