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aet(1) -REGression
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        This option is used to specify that the regression test suite is to be run.  The regression test
        suite consists of all tests in the baseline which do not appear in the change.  It is an error
        if there are no regression tests.  You may not name tests on the command line when using the
        -REGression option.  You may name individual tests to be run on the command line, without using
        the -REGression option; if they are not part of the change, the tests of the same name in the
        baseline will be run.


-SUGgest [ number ] The “aegis -Integrate_Pass” command collects test correlation statistics when changes are integrated. This option may be used to request that aegis suggest which tests should be run, using these testing correlations. If no number is specified, 10 tests will be suggested. This option implies the -REGression option.

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