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alt-nvidia-current-updates-settings(1) -c
configure the NVIDIA graphics driver
-c, --ctrl-display=CTRL-DISPLAY
       Control  the  specified X display.  If this option is not given, then nvidia-settings will control
       the display specified by '--display' ; if  that  is  not  given,  then  the  $DISPLAY  environment
       variable is used.


Options: [-vh] [--config=configfile] [-c ctrl-display] [--verbose={errors | warnings | all}] [--describe={all | list | attribute_name}]


nvidia-settings Starts the nvidia-settings graphical interface.
nvidia-settings --load-config-only Loads the settings stored in ~/.nvidia-settings-rc and exits.
nvidia-settings --rewrite-config-file Writes the current X server configuration to ~/.nvidia-settings-rc file and exits.
nvidia-settings --query FSAA Query the value of the full-screen antialiasing setting.
nvidia-settings --assign RedGamma=2.0 --assign BlueGamma=2.0 --assign GreenGamma=2.0 Set the gamma of the screen to 2.0.

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