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amap-align(1) -p
Protein multiple alignment by sequence annealing
-p --paramfile FILENAME
    read parameters from FILENAME (default: )


To run AMAP with the default options change to the align directory and type:
% amap <multi-fasta-file-name>
If no file name is provided the list of options are printed.
In order to use the AMAP Display run AMAP with the -gui option, and save the output to a file, then use the file as the input to AmapDisplay. For example, type:
% align/amap -gui examples/BB12020.tfa > examples/BB12020.tfa.out
% java -jar display/AmapDisplay.jar examples/BB12020.tfa.out
(on Debian systems, the examples directory is in /usr/share/doc/amap-align/examples

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