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amd(8) -F
automatically mount file systems
-F conf_file
       Specify  an amd configuration file to use.  See amd.conf(5) for description of this file's format.
       This configuration file is used to specify any options in lieu of  typing  many  of  them  on  the
       command  line.   The  amd.conf file includes directives for every command line option amd has, and
       many more that are only available via the configuration file  facility.   The  configuration  file
       specified  by  this  option is processed after all other options had been processed, regardless of
       the actual location of this option on the command line.


amd -H amd [ -F conf_file ] amd [ -nprvHS ] [ -a mount_point ] [ -c duration ] [ -d domain ] [ -k kernel-arch ] [ -l logfile ] [ -o op_sys_ver ] [ -t interval.interval ] [ -w interval ] [ -x log-option ] [ -y YP-domain ] [ -A arch ] [ -C cluster-name ] [ -D option ] [ -F conf_file ] [ -O op_sys_name ] [ -T tag ] [ directory mapname [ -map- options ] ] ...
In the first form depicted above, amd will print a short help string. In the second form, if no options are specified, or the -F is used, amd will read configuration parameters from the file conf_file which defaults to /etc/amd.conf. The last form is described below.

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