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amd64-mingw32msvc-as(1) -g
the portable GNU assembler
    Generate debugging information for each assembler source line using whichever debug format is
    preferred by the target.  This currently means either STABS, ECOFF or DWARF2.


as [-a[cdghlns][=file]] [--alternate] [-D] [--debug-prefix-map old=new] [--defsym sym=val] [-f] [-g] [--gstabs] [--gstabs+] [--gdwarf-2] [--help] [-I dir] [-J] [-K] [-L] [--listing-lhs-width=NUM] [--listing-lhs-width2=NUM] [--listing-rhs-width=NUM] [--listing-cont-lines=NUM] [--keep-locals] [-o objfile] [-R] [--reduce-memory-overheads] [--statistics] [-v] [-version] [--version] [-W] [--warn] [--fatal-warnings] [-w] [-x] [-Z] [@FILE] [--target-help] [target-options] [--|files ...]
Target Alpha options: [-mcpu] [-mdebug | -no-mdebug] [-replace | -noreplace] [-relax] [-g] [-Gsize] [-F] [-32addr]
Target MIPS options: [-nocpp] [-EL] [-EB] [-O[optimization level]] [-g[debug level]] [-G num] [-KPIC] [-call_shared] [-non_shared] [-xgot [-mvxworks-pic] [-mabi=ABI] [-32] [-n32] [-64] [-mfp32] [-mgp32] [-march=CPU] [-mtune=CPU] [-mips1] [-mips2] [-mips3] [-mips4] [-mips5] [-mips32] [-mips32r2] [-mips64] [-mips64r2] [-construct-floats] [-no-construct-floats] [-trap] [-no-break] [-break] [-no-trap] [-mfix7000] [-mno-fix7000] [-mips16] [-no-mips16] [-msmartmips] [-mno-smartmips] [-mips3d] [-no-mips3d] [-mdmx] [-no-mdmx] [-mdsp] [-mno-dsp] [-mdspr2] [-mno-dspr2] [-mmt] [-mno-mt] [-mdebug] [-no-mdebug] [-mpdr] [-mno-pdr]

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