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amd64-mingw32msvc-as(1) -R
the portable GNU assembler
-R  Fold the data section into the text section.

    Set the default size of GAS's hash tables to a prime number close to number.  Increasing this value
    can reduce the length of time it takes the assembler to perform its tasks, at the expense of
    increasing the assembler's memory requirements.  Similarly reducing this value can reduce the memory
    requirements at the expense of speed.


as [-a[cdghlns][=file]] [--alternate] [-D] [--debug-prefix-map old=new] [--defsym sym=val] [-f] [-g] [--gstabs] [--gstabs+] [--gdwarf-2] [--help] [-I dir] [-J] [-K] [-L] [--listing-lhs-width=NUM] [--listing-lhs-width2=NUM] [--listing-rhs-width=NUM] [--listing-cont-lines=NUM] [--keep-locals] [-o objfile] [-R] [--reduce-memory-overheads] [--statistics] [-v] [-version] [--version] [-W] [--warn] [--fatal-warnings] [-w] [-x] [-Z] [@FILE] [--target-help] [target-options] [--|files ...]

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