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antlr(1) -prc
ANother Tool for Language Recognition
-prc on
       Turn on the computation and hoisting of predicate context.


-prc off Turn off the computation and hoisting of predicate context. This option makes 1.10 behave like the 1.06 release with option -pr on. Context computation is off by default. -rl n Limit the maximum number of tree nodes used by grammar analysis to n. Occasionally, antlr is unable to analyze a grammar submitted by the user. This rare situation can only occur when the grammar is large and the amount of lookahead is greater than one. A nonlinear analysis algorithm is used by PCCTS to handle the general case of LL(k) parsing. The average complexity of analysis, however, is near linear due to some fancy footwork in the implementation which reduces the number of calls to the full LL(k) algorithm. An error message will be displayed, if this limit is reached, which indicates the grammar construct being analyzed when antlr hit a non-linearity. Use this option if antlr seems to go out to lunch and your disk start thrashing; try n=10000 to start. Once the offending construct has been identified, try to remove the ambiguity that antlr was trying to overcome with large lookahead analysis. The introduction of (...)? backtracking blocks eliminates some of these problems — antlr does not analyze alternatives that begin with (...)? (it simply backtracks, if necessary, at run time).

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