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anytun-config(8) -w
anycast tunneling configuration utility
-w, --window-size <window size>
    seqence window size

    Sometimes, packets arrive out of order on the receiver side. This option defines the size of a list
    of received packets' sequence numbers. If, according to this list, a received packet has been
    previously received or has been transmitted in the past, and is therefore not in the list anymore,
    this is interpreted as a replay attack and the packet is dropped. A value of 0 deactivates this list
    and, as a consequence, the replay protection employed by filtering packets according to their
    secuence number. By default the sequence window is disabled and therefore a window size of 0 is used.


Add a client with Connection ID (Mux) 12 and add 2 Routes to this client
# anytun-config -w 0 -m 12 -K 0123456789ABCDEFFEDCBA9876543210 -A 0123456789ABCDDCBA9876543210 \ -R -R -e server >> routingtable

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