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arm-linux-gnueabi-cpp(1) -o
The C Preprocessor
-o file
    Write output to file.  This is the same as specifying file as the second non-option argument to cpp.
    gcc has a different interpretation of a second non-option argument, so you must use -o to specify the
    output file.


-MD -MD is equivalent to -M -MF file, except that -E is not implied. The driver determines file based on whether an -o option is given. If it is, the driver uses its argument but with a suffix of .d, otherwise it takes the name of the input file, removes any directory components and suffix, and applies a .d suffix.
If -MD is used in conjunction with -E, any -o switch is understood to specify the dependency output file, but if used without -E, each -o is understood to specify a target object file.

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