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arm-linux-gnueabi-cpp(1) -Wunused-macros
The C Preprocessor
    Warn about macros defined in the main file that are unused.  A macro is used if it is expanded or
    tested for existence at least once.  The preprocessor will also warn if the macro has not been used
    at the time it is redefined or undefined.

    Built-in macros, macros defined on the command line, and macros defined in include files are not
    warned about.

    Note: If a macro is actually used, but only used in skipped conditional blocks, then CPP will report
    it as unused.  To avoid the warning in such a case, you might improve the scope of the macro's
    definition by, for example, moving it into the first skipped block.  Alternatively, you could provide
    a dummy use with something like:

            #if defined the_macro_causing_the_warning

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