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arm-linux-gnueabi-cpp(1) -MT
The C Preprocessor
-MT target
    Change the target of the rule emitted by dependency generation.  By default CPP takes the name of the
    main input file, deletes any directory components and any file suffix such as .c, and appends the
    platform's usual object suffix.  The result is the target.

    An -MT option will set the target to be exactly the string you specify.  If you want multiple
    targets, you can specify them as a single argument to -MT, or use multiple -MT options.

    For example, -MT '$(objpfx)foo.o' might give

            $(objpfx)foo.o: foo.c


cpp [-Dmacro[=defn]...] [-Umacro] [-Idir...] [-iquotedir...] [-Wwarn...] [-M|-MM] [-MG] [-MF filename] [-MP] [-MQ target...] [-MT target...] [-P] [-fno-working-directory] [-x language] [-std=standard] infile outfile
Unless specified explicitly (with -MT or -MQ), the object file name consists of the name of the source file with any suffix replaced with object file suffix and with any leading directory parts removed. If there are many included files then the rule is split into several lines using \-newline. The rule has no commands.
-MQ target Same as -MT, but it quotes any characters which are special to Make. -MQ '$(objpfx)foo.o' gives
In other words, this environment variable is equivalent to combining the options -MM and -MF, with an optional -MT switch too.

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