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arm-linux-gnueabi-cpp(1) -x
The C Preprocessor
-x c
-x c++
-x objective-c
-x assembler-with-cpp
    Specify the source language: C, C++, Objective-C, or assembly.  This has nothing to do with standards
    conformance or extensions; it merely selects which base syntax to expect.  If you give none of these
    options, cpp will deduce the language from the extension of the source file: .c, .cc, .m, or .S.
    Some other common extensions for C++ and assembly are also recognized.  If cpp does not recognize the
    extension, it will treat the file as C; this is the most generic mode.

    Note: Previous versions of cpp accepted a -lang option which selected both the language and the
    standards conformance level.  This option has been removed, because it conflicts with the -l option.


cpp [-Dmacro[=defn]...] [-Umacro] [-Idir...] [-iquotedir...] [-Wwarn...] [-M|-MM] [-MG] [-MF filename] [-MP] [-MQ target...] [-MT target...] [-P] [-fno-working-directory] [-x language] [-std=standard] infile outfile

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