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arm-linux-gnueabi-cpp(1) -fworking-directory
The C Preprocessor
    Enable generation of linemarkers in the preprocessor output that will let the compiler know the
    current working directory at the time of preprocessing.  When this option is enabled, the
    preprocessor will emit, after the initial linemarker, a second linemarker with the current working
    directory followed by two slashes.  GCC will use this directory, when it's present in the
    preprocessed input, as the directory emitted as the current working directory in some debugging
    information formats.  This option is implicitly enabled if debugging information is enabled, but this
    can be inhibited with the negated form -fno-working-directory.  If the -P flag is present in the
    command line, this option has no effect, since no "#line" directives are emitted whatsoever.

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