Signature Construction Review

Our experience with Signature Construction & Design of Wilmington, DE was increadibly unpleasant. I am familiar with the operations of 4 other construction companies in the area through other construction projects, and Signature Construction was by far the most difficult and unpleasant to work with. The most egregious of the issues are detailed below.
The project was for an 800 sqft and 400 sqft structure, and it took nearly 3 years to complete. We first received estimates in Dec 2012, and it was finally mostly completed in September 2015, with several months of fixing small issues after that. There were far too many perfect, sunny days where I had an empty construction site with plenty to be done. They would say they would be here on a Friday and nobody would show up until the next Wednesday, if not weeks later. Meetings were canceled at the last minute, and emails with questions went unanswered.
Attention to Detail
Under their management, one of the structures was framed facing 180 degress in the wrong direction. A structure, with a view, and large windows, was framed with the windows facing away from the view.
Several large change orders were presented out of nowhere, between 8 and 10 months after work was completed on those items. One of which contained a markup of ~45% . Their change orders were not itemized, and did not include invoices with them until I demanded them. Come to find out they were charging a 25% markup on changeorders while the project was bid at 15%. Not once did they seek approval for a changeorder before doing the work, even after being explicitly asked to do so on numerous occasions.
Finally, I have one window with missing hardware. After months of requests this hardware has not been provided, nor installed. UPDATE 4/15/16: The hardware for the window showed up at my front door, as if it is not their responsibility to install it.
All-in-all I 100% regret choosing Signature Construction & Design for my project.
Signature Construction Review
April 30, 2015
1/5 stars
Construction contractor in Wilmington Delaware