Clean CSS is now available for more than just CSS. You can now beautify, minify, format, or compress many different file formats. Choose the tool below to get started.


Convert XML to JSON
Convert XML to CSV
Convert XML to TSV
Convert CSV to HTML
Convert your video, audio, image, and document files between all formats.
Convert JSON to XML
Convert XML to HTML
Convert JSON to TSV
Convert CSV to TSV
Convert CSV to JSON
Convert CSV to XML
Convert JSON to CSV
Convert JSON to HTML


Compare documents using diff and easilty visualize the differences. Quickly merge the two files into one.
Search for web safe fonts and other web fonts.
Log javascript errors that your users encounter on your production site.
Test how quickly your website loads and find out how to improve its' load time.
Find the perfect color palette for your project.
Test, experiment, and share Regular Expressions.
RGB to Hex Color Converter.
An HTML, CSS, Javascript playground to test and share code snippets.
Test, experiment, and share Regular Expressions.
Convert between unix timestamp (epoch) and several other date/time formats.
Easily create your .htaccess file with all the options you need.


Encode and decode a string for us in http requests.
Decode a base64 string
Encode a string as base64
Generate a SHA-512 hash from a string
Generate a SHA-1 hash from a string
Generate an MD5 hash from a string.
Generate a SHA-256 hash from a string


Format HTML code
Python beautifier.
Fix sloppy programming and indentation for PHP.
Format Javascript into a readable form.
Format your JSON
Make sure your JSON is validly formatted and causing your app to break.
Encode javascript to make it difficuly to read, making it more secure.
Online JSON editor to help you maintain your data files.
Format your XML
Ruby beautifier.
Format your SQL statements to make the easier to read.
Beautify your CSS code
Reformat Perl code so that is easier to read.
Clean up your GO code.


Create a CSS sprite out of many images to improve your website's load time.
Upload an image and have it turned into Favicons and App Icons, and get the proper code to use them.
Edit an image in your browser.


Minify your JSON
Improve your site's speed by optimizing your javascript code.
Compress your CSS


Find user and installation manuals.
Find out what your IP address is.
Get a quick explanation of what all the options in a Linux command do
Determine whether an email address actually exists, and make sure it is valid.
Check whether a website is up or down.
Find the factory default settings for your router.
Lookup a device's MAC address to find the manufacturer.


Convert hex to octal
Convert between different units of measure.
Convert decimal to binary
Convert binary to octal
Convert binary to hex
Convert between hex, binary, and decimal quickly and easily.
Convert binary to decimal
Convert decimal to hex
Convert decimal to octal
Convert octal to binary
Convert octal to decimal
Convert octal to hex
Convert between different data size measurments. Kilobytes, MegaBytes, Gigabytes, TeraBytes, etc.
Convert hex to binary
Convert hex to decimal


Keep track of your site inside adblock lists. Get notified when your listing changes.
Generate a long-tail keyword list and find search volume and CPC for keyword research.


Escape XML characters so that they can be used in an XML page
Unescape special XML characters
How many words are in a string
Escape HTML characters so that they can be used in an HTML page
Convert hex to string
Convert binary to string
Unescape special HTML characters
Convert string to binary
Strip HTML tags to remove them from an HTML document
Convert string to hex
Strip XML tags to remove them from an XML document