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Performance Is Better than Gas


See a mock race against a gas car

Or select another car to see how it compares to a Tesla


With the main weight of the vehicle (the batteries) in the floor, it gives the Tesla a much lower center of gravity. This makes the car handle much better than a gas car, reducing any body roll significantly.

Teslas No Longer Cost $100,000

Model 3 starts at $46,000

Price of electricity is cheaper and more stable

Electric cars are cheaper and easier to maintain (see Maintenance)

$3750 federal tax credit

State tax credits exist


  • Tesla Model 3 is rated 5-star in every NHTSA test.
  • Tesla Model 3 has the lowest 'probability of injury'
  • Having no engine in the car, and the battery in the floor give Tesla several design advantages with regard to safety
    1. The reinforced battery section protect the passenger cabin. See the Pole Crash Test comparison with a Volvo S60 below.
    2. The battery in the floor give a Tesla a very low Center of Gravity. See the Rollover Test comparison with a BMW X6

Pole Crash Test vs. Volvo S60

Rollover Crash Test vs. BMW X6 (NHTSA doesn't require rollover tests, so videos are difficult to find , the BMW clip was best match)

Long Distance Travel

A Tesla is up for a full day of driving. A stop for lunch in Greenwich, CT, and then a restroom break in Newark, DE, you won't miss filling up at a gas station. And with Autopilot you will arrive rested and stress free.

The navigation system in the car will plan your stops and navigate you on the best routes for charging.

Plan Your Own Trip

How To Charge

Supercharger Network

Tesla has the largest and fastest charging network, making even a cross-country trip very easy to accomplish.

Can charge at over 400 miles per hour, with over 1300 charing locations and rapidly growing.

At Home

Most of the time you charge at home.

You can use a standard power outlet, which will add ~5 miles for each hour of charging (60 miles/12 hours)

If you need faster charging, a drier outlet, or charging station can be installed for less than $500

Destination Chargers

There is a large network of 'destination chargers', chargers at stores, hotels, or office parks, from Tesla and others.

Find Chargers Near You


No More Gas Stops

Never stop to refuel in your daily driving.

Leave your house every day with a full tank.


Your daily commute can now be a relaxing experience. Especially in stop-and-go traffic.


The ride is very smooth and quiet. There are no vibrations from explosions and hundreds of moving parts.

Maintenance has never been easier

Infrequent Maintenance

No more oil changes.

Tires rotated every 2 years.

Coolant flush every 4 years.

Because of regenerative braking, brakes last well over 100k miles.

Mobile Service

Tesla has Mobile Rangers who can perform many service calls at your home or office

Service Centers

Service centers are nationwide, even wordwide, with the locations continually growing.

Electric Cars, Not Just For Liberal Hippies


Teslas are made & designed in American, with many suppliers and employees inside the US.

National Security

Over 55% of America's electricity comes from domestic natural gas and coal, so by driving a Tesla you are burning American coal and natural gas, rather than imported foreign oil

Free Market Economics

Energy diversity, electric cars can run on natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydro, wind, or solar, allowing for more price stability.

Is a Tesla right for me?

Do you drive less than 250 miles in a typical day?

Do you have off-street parking?

Does your place of employment offer charging options?

You are a perfect candidate for a Tesla!

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