Devices with MAC addresses that start with 00-1A-92 were manufactured by ASUSTek COMPUTER INC.

Device ManufacturerASUSTek COMPUTER INC.
Manufacturer Location15,Li-Te Rd.,Peitou
Taipei 112
Estimated Devices using 00-1A-9216,256,250
Estimated Total Devices From Mfg1,137,937,500
Related MAC Addresses00-E0-18, 00-0C-6E, 00-1B-FC, 00-1E-8C, 00-15-F2, 00-23-54, 00-1F-C6, F8-32-E4, 38-2C-4A, 60-A4-4C, 70-4D-7B, 88-D7-F6, 00-11-2F, 00-11-D8, 00-17-31, 00-18-F3, 48-5B-39, F4-6D-04, 30-85-A9, 1C-B7-2C, 40-16-7E, E0-3F-49, 50-46-5D, D0-17-C2, 2C-FD-A1, 04-92-26, 04-D4-C4, 60-45-CB, 10-7B-44, 14-DA-E9, 00-0E-A6, 00-13-D4, 00-26-18, 00-24-8C, BC-EE-7B, 08-60-6E, C8-60-00, 38-D5-47, 2C-4D-54, 4C-ED-FB, B0-6E-BF, 0C-9D-92, 90-E6-BA, BC-AE-C5, 10-BF-48, 14-DD-A9, 08-62-66, AC-9E-17, F0-79-59, 54-A0-50, 10-C3-7B, 78-24-AF, D8-50-E6, 74-D0-2B, 9C-5C-8E, 70-8B-CD, 18-31-BF, 40-B0-76, 04-D9-F5, 2C-56-DC, 00-1D-60, 00-22-15, 20-CF-30, E0-CB-4E, 1C-87-2C, 30-5A-3A, AC-22-0B, 54-04-A6, 34-97-F6
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