Devices with MAC addresses that start with 00-90-96 were manufactured by ASKEY COMPUTER CORP

Device ManufacturerASKEY COMPUTER CORP
Manufacturer Location2F, NO. 2, LANE 497
TAIPEI 23136
Estimated Devices using 00-90-9616,256,250
Estimated Total Devices From Mfg487,687,500
Related MAC Addresses24-EC-99, 00-21-63, E8-39-DF, D8-FB-5E, E8-D1-1B, 1C-B0-44, B4-82-FE, 00-26-B6, B4-EE-B4, FC-B4-E6, 08-6A-0A, 7C-DB-98, B0-EA-BC, 94-91-7F, 00-11-F5, 80-78-71, 7C-B7-33, 4C-ED-DE, 00-1B-9E, E0-CA-94, C0-D9-62, A0-64-8F, D4-7B-B0, E0-CE-C3, B4-74-9F, 00-24-D2, 00-16-E3, 78-29-ED, C8-B4-22
Address Examples