Devices with MAC addresses that start with 30-C3-D9 were manufactured by ALPS ELECTRIC CO., LTD.

Device ManufacturerALPS ELECTRIC CO., LTD.
Manufacturer Location6-1
Kakuda Miyagi-Pref 981-1595
Estimated Devices using 30-C3-D916,256,250
Estimated Total Devices From Mfg487,687,500
Related MAC Addresses00-02-C7, 04-76-6E, AC-7A-4D, FC-62-B9, 00-19-C1, 00-1E-3D, 00-23-06, 28-A1-83, 00-16-FE, 00-1B-FB, 48-F0-7B, 74-95-EC, 04-98-F3, 38-C0-96, E0-75-0A, BC-75-36, 58-16-D7, 00-21-4F, B4-EC-02, E0-AE-5E, 34-C7-31, 60-38-0E, 64-D4-BD, 00-24-33, 00-26-43, 9C-8D-7C, 00-06-F5, 00-06-F7, 00-07-04
Address Examples