Devices with MAC addresses that start with 40-8B-07 were manufactured by Actiontec Electronics, Inc

Device ManufacturerActiontec Electronics, Inc
Manufacturer Location301 Olcott St
Santa Clara CA 95054
Estimated Devices using 40-8B-0716,256,250
Estimated Total Devices From Mfg438,918,750
Related MAC AddressesFC-2B-B2, F8-E4-FB, 20-76-00, 00-1F-90, E8-6F-F2, 18-1B-EB, 70-F2-20, 00-24-7B, A8-39-44, 00-26-B8, 70-F1-96, 10-5F-06, 00-1E-A7, 00-20-E0, 10-9F-A9, 9C-1E-95, 10-78-5B, 00-26-62, 0C-61-27, A0-A3-E2, 4C-8B-30, 00-7F-28, 00-18-01, 00-15-05, 00-0F-B3, 84-E8-92
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