Devices with MAC addresses that start with 50-7E-5D were manufactured by Arcadyan Technology Corporation

Device ManufacturerArcadyan Technology Corporation
Manufacturer Location4F, No. 9, Park Avenue II ,
Hsinchu 300
Estimated Devices using 50-7E-5D16,256,250
Estimated Total Devices From Mfg276,356,250
Related MAC Addresses00-23-08, 88-03-55, 5C-DC-96, 00-26-4D, 18-83-BF, 9C-80-DF, 00-1A-2A, 00-1D-19, 88-25-2C, 84-9C-A6, 1C-C6-3C, 4C-09-D4, 74-31-70, A8-D3-F7, 7C-4F-B5, 00-12-BF
Address Examples