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Devices with MAC addresses that start with 50-C4-DD were manufactured by BUFFALO.INC

Device ManufacturerBUFFALO.INC
AKAMONDORI Bld.,30-20,Ohsu 3-chome,Naka-ku
Nagoya Aichi Pref. 460-8315
Estimated Devices with 50-C4-DD16256250
Estimated Total Devices From Mfg292612500
Other MAC Addresses00-0D-0B, 00-07-40, 00-24-A5, DC-FB-02, 60-84-BD, 00-40-26, 74-03-BD, 84-AF-EC, 00-1D-73, 00-16-01, 10-6F-3F, 88-57-EE, 34-3D-C4, 4C-E6-76, B0-C7-45, CC-E1-D5, 18-C2-BF
Address Examples