Devices with MAC addresses that start with 50-DC-E7 were manufactured by Amazon Technologies Inc.

Device ManufacturerAmazon Technologies Inc.
Manufacturer LocationP.O Box 8102
Reno NV 89507
Estimated Devices using 50-DC-E716,256,250
Estimated Total Devices From Mfg747,787,500
Related MAC AddressesF0-D2-F1, 88-71-E5, FC-A1-83, CC-F7-35, 1C-12-B0, 24-4C-E3, 4C-17-44, DC-54-D7, 38-F7-3D, 3C-5C-C4, 08-A6-BC, F0-27-2D, 74-C2-46, 68-37-E9, 78-E1-03, C4-95-00, 44-00-49, FC-49-2D, A0-02-DC, 0C-47-C9, 74-75-48, AC-63-BE, FC-A6-67, 18-74-2E, 00-FC-8B, FC-65-DE, 6C-56-97, 68-9A-87, 74-D6-37, 44-65-0D, 50-F5-DA, 68-54-FD, 40-B4-CD, 4C-EF-C0, 00-71-47, CC-9E-A2, 08-84-9D, F0-81-73, 84-D6-D0, 34-D2-70, B4-7C-9C, B0-FC-0D, 00-BB-3A, 7C-61-66, 68-DB-F5
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