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Devices with MAC addresses that start with 5C-1A-6F were manufactured by Cambridge Industries(Group) Co.,Ltd.

Device ManufacturerCambridge Industries(Group) Co.,Ltd.
5/F,Building 8, 2388 ChenHang Road, MinHang District
shanghai 201114
Estimated Devices with 5C-1A-6F16256250
Estimated Total Devices From Mfg195075000
Other MAC AddressesA4-C7-DE, 4C-FA-CA, 9C-50-EE, 4C-F2-BF, 70-D9-31, E0-1D-3B, A8-58-40, D0-54-2D, FC-B6-98, 00-19-C7, A8-25-EB
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