Devices with MAC addresses that start with 78-32-1B were manufactured by D-Link International

Device ManufacturerD-Link International
Manufacturer Location1 Internal Business Park, #03-12,The Synergy, Singapore
Singapore Singapore 609917
Estimated Devices using 78-32-1B16,256,250
Estimated Total Devices From Mfg780,300,000
Related MAC Addresses28-10-7B, 90-94-E4, 1C-BD-B9, 1C-5F-2B, 10-BE-F5, D8-FE-E3, C0-A0-BB, B0-C5-54, C4-A8-1D, 1C-7E-E5, 6C-19-8F, F8-E9-03, 40-9B-CD, 0C-B6-D2, 00-AD-24, F4-8C-EB, A0-AB-1B, 10-62-EB, FC-75-16, AC-F1-DF, 9C-D6-43, EC-AD-E0, CC-B2-55, BC-F6-85, C8-BE-19, 14-D6-4D, E4-6F-13, EC-22-80, 84-C9-B2, E8-CC-18, 60-63-4C, C4-12-F5, C8-D3-A3, B8-A3-86, 28-3B-82, 58-D5-6E, 3C-1E-04, 54-B8-0A, 80-26-89, 70-62-B8, 1C-AF-F7, 6C-72-20, 90-8D-78, 78-54-2E, 18-0F-76, 74-DA-DA, 48-EE-0C
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