Devices with MAC addresses that start with D0-C5-D3 were manufactured by AzureWave Technology Inc.

Device ManufacturerAzureWave Technology Inc.
Manufacturer Location8F., No. 94, Baozhong Rd.
New Taipei City Taiwan 231
Estimated Devices using D0-C5-D316,256,250
Estimated Total Devices From Mfg617,737,500
Related MAC AddressesAC-89-95, 74-C6-3B, 00-25-D3, 74-2F-68, DC-85-DE, E0-B9-A5, 5C-96-56, DC-F5-05, 60-5B-B4, 1C-4B-D6, 94-DB-C9, 40-E2-30, F0-03-8C, E8-D8-19, 28-C2-DD, 00-22-43, 74-F0-6D, 44-D8-32, 78-18-81, B0-EE-45, 24-0A-64, D0-E7-82, A8-1D-16, 40-99-22, 80-A5-89, 80-D2-1D, 08-A9-5A, 6C-AD-F8, 54-27-1E, 40-9F-38, 80-C5-F2, 28-66-E3, 6C-71-D9, 38-4F-F0, 00-15-AF, 48-5D-60, 80-91-33
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