Devices with MAC addresses that start with FC-83-99 were manufactured by Avaya Inc

Device ManufacturerAvaya Inc
Manufacturer Location360 Mt Kemble Ave
Morristown NJ 07960
Estimated Devices using FC-83-9916,256,250
Estimated Total Devices From Mfg845,325,000
Related MAC Addresses70-38-EE, 2C-F4-C5, C8-F4-06, 3C-B1-5B, FC-A8-41, 50-CD-22, 10-CD-AE, B0-AD-AA, 00-54-9F, 60-49-C1, 24-B2-09, 80-1D-AA, 00-1B-4F, 70-52-C5, 84-83-71, 24-D9-21, A0-51-C6, 90-FB-5B, B4-47-5E, D4-EA-0E, A0-09-ED, C8-1F-EA, E4-5D-52, 38-BB-3C, C0-57-BC, D4-78-56, 14-61-2F, 70-7C-69, A4-78-86, 44-32-2A, 04-8A-15, 6C-A8-49, A4-25-1B, 00-04-0D, 50-61-84, F8-15-47, A0-12-90, B4-A9-5A, BC-AD-AB, 3C-3A-73, CC-F9-54, 58-16-26, B4-B0-17, 64-C3-54, F8-73-A2, 64-6A-52, 64-A7-DD, 6C-FA-58, 34-75-C7, C4-BE-D4, 70-30-18
Address Examples