Most Common Logins
  • Username / Password
  • admin / 40%
  • admin / none30%
  • admin / 13%
  • admin / (blank)6%
  • admin / (none)4%
  • none / none3%
  • admin / root2%
  • admin / admin1%
  • admin / olinda1%
  • admin / blank1%
Detected Devices Retry
  • Detecting Routers

Find Your Router's Defaults

Login To Your Router

  1. Login Page - If you already know your router's IP address is, click the buttons below until you get the login page:

    Admin Login Admin Login 2

  2. Links Don't Work - If they time out, or take more than a few seconds to load, you must have the wrong IP address. Try one of these IP addresses:

  3. Login Info - You need to know your login information to get into your router. Look at the List above to see common default username and passwords. If you know what router you have, you can find it here for more detailed info. If you have changed the username and password on the router, but don't remember it, you will need to Reset Your Router.

Reset Your Router

Can't Login to Router?
  1. On the back or bottom of the router there should be a small hole. You will need to fit something into that hole to press the reset button that is there, such as a paperclip.
  2. With the router plugged in, press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds. After releasing the button, wait for the router to power on, and attempt to login to the router again.
  3. If the above did not work, you can try what is known as a 30-30-30 reset. Get comfortable, because you will need to hold the reset button for 90 seconds. Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds. While continuing to hold the reset button, unplug the router, wait another 30 seconds, then plug it back in. Continue to hold the reset button for another 30 seconds.
Can Login to Router
  1. Login To Your Router
  2. Look for links such as "Advanced", "Admin", "System" and click on them.
  3. On the above pages, click on a link that says "Factory Reset", or "Factory Defaults".

Devices using

DWL-1000AP+ admin(none)
DWL-1700AP adminroot
DWL-1750 adminroot
DWL-2100AP adminnone
DWL-2200AP adminnone
DWL-2210AP adminadmin
DWL-2700AP admin(blank)
DWL-3200AP admin(blank)
DWL-5000AP admin(blank)
DWL-6000AP Rev.A and Rev.B adminnone
DWL-7000AP adminnone
DWL-700AP admin(none)
DWL-7100AP admin(blank)
DWL-7200AP admin(blank)
DWL-AG700AP admin(blank)
DWL-G700AP adminolinda
DAP-1150 admin(none)
DAP-1650 Admin(none)
DCS-2132L adminnone
DAP-2590 admin
DAP-1525 admin
DAP-3220 admin
DAP-1360L Admin
DAP-2565 admin
DAP-1160 admin
DWL-3260AP admin
DAP-2690 admin
DAP-1260L Admin
DWL-2100AP admin
DAP-1555 admin
DAP-1353 admin
DAP-1360L Admin
DAP-1160 adminnone
DAP-1260L Adminnone
DWL-1000AP+ adminnone
DAP-1353 adminnone
DAP-1665 Admin
DAP-2310 admin
DWL-3200AP adminnone
DAP-2320 Admin
DWL-5000AP Adminnone
DAP-2360 admin
DWL-700AP adminnone
DAP-2553 admin
DAP-2565 admin
DWL-7100AP adminnone
DAP-2590 admin
DAP-1665 Adminnone
DWL-7200AP adminnone
DAP-2690 admin
DAP-2695 admin
DAP-2360 adminnone
DWL-AG700AP adminnone
DAP-3220 admin
DAP-2553 adminnone
DAP-3310 Admin
DAP-2660 nonenone
DWL-1000AP+ admin
DAP-2695 adminnone
DAP-3310 Adminnone
DWL-2100AP admin
DWL-3200AP admin
DWL-3260AP admin
DWL-5000AP Admin
DWL-6000AP admin
DAP-2320 Admin
DWL-700AP admin
DWL-7100AP admin
DWL-7200AP admin
DWL-8200AP admin
DWL-AG700AP admin
DWL-6000AP admin
DWL-G700AP admin
DAP-1350 admin
DWL-8200AP admin
DAP-1155 admin
DAP-1155 adminnone
DAP-1522 admin
DAP-1525 admin
DAP-1533 Admin
DAP-1560 admin
DWL-2700AP adminnone
DAP-1522 adminnone
DAP-1533 Adminnone
DAP-1560 adminnone
DWL-2700AP admin
DAP-1360 admin
DAP-1360 adminnone
DAP-1150 admin
DAP-1150 adminnone
DWL-G700AP adminblank
DAP-1513 Admin
DAP-1513 Adminnone
DWL-3150 adminnone
DWL-3150 admin
DAP-1555 admin
DCS-2100+ nonenone
DAP-3520 admin
DAP-3520 adminnone
DHP-W306AV admin
DAP-1650 Admin
DAP-1655 Admin
DAP-1650 Adminnone
DWL-G700AP adminnone
DHP-W306AV admin
DCH-M225 nonenone
DAP-1350 admin