Most Common Avaya Logins
  • Username / Password
  • diag / danger21%
  • root / root16%
  • manuf / xxyyzz11%
  • root / cms50011%
  • craft / none11%
  • root / ROOT50011%
  • barney / none5%
  • none / admin5%
  • n/a / admin5%
  • n/a / none5%
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Most Common Avaya IPs

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4602 SIP Telephone 1.1.HTTP barneynone
CAJUN diagdanger
CAJUN P33X noneadmin
Cajun P33x firmware before 3.11.0 n/aadmin
Cajun P550R P580 P880 and P882 diagdanger
Cajun P550R P580 P880 P882 n/anone
CAJUN PXXX rootroot
CMS Supervisor 11 rootcms500
DEFINITY craftnone
Definity G3Si craftnone
definity up to rev. 6 craftcrftpw
G3R rootROOT500
g3R v6 rootROOT500
IMD adminadmin123
IP Office 500 none Administrator
P330 Stackable Switch rootroot
PXXX diagdanger
Pxxx 5.2.14 diagdanger
Routers Various rootroot
Scopia adminadmin
Scopia Gateway adminpassword
World Card Silver/Gold