iDevices User Manuals

Model Description Manufacturer
2ABDJ-BRCM1078 iSwimband iDevices
2ABDJ-DIMMER WiFi and Bluetooth Enabled Dimmer Switch iDevices
2ABDJ-IDEV0020 Battery Powered Bluetooth Enabled Wireless Switch iDevices
2ABDJ-IDEV08 iShower2 iDevices
2ABDJ-OUTLET In-wall On/Off Smart Outlet iDevices
2ABDJ-SOCKET WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Bulb Socket iDevices
2ABDJ-SWITCH1 WiFi and Bluetooth enabled indoor smart plug iDevices
2ABDJ-SWITCH4 Bluetooth & WiFi Enabled Smart Plug iDevices
2ABDJ-SWITCH8 In-wall On/Off Smart Switch iDevices
2ABDJ-TSTAT1 Wi-Fi-, Bluetooth-, and HomeKit-enabled Thermostat iDevices