2ABWS-10BR29002 relay logic module and wireless receiver in the ISM band (902MHz-928MHz)BEA
2ABWS-10RD900Receiver in the 902-928MHz bandBEA
2ABWS-10TD9001HH4Wireless door activation / sequencing deviceBEA
2ABWS-10TD900HH4Hand held transmitter in the 902-928MHz bandBEA
2ABWS-10TD900PBPush button transmitter in the 902-928MHz bandBEA
2ABWS-10TD900PTRITransmitter operating in the ISM band (902-928 MHz), compatible with BEA 10RD900 Receiver, implementing frequency hopping, intended to be used as wireless door activation pushplates in the pedestrian automatic door industryBEA
2ABWS-10TD900TRWireless pushplate for door activation, compatible with BEA 10RD900.BEA