Devices with MAC addresses that start with E8-82-5B were manufactured by ARRIS Group, Inc.

Device Manufacturer
ARRIS Group, Inc.

Manufacturer Location
6450 Sequence Drive
San Diego CA 92121

Estimated Devices using E8-82-5B

Estimated Total Devices From Mfg

Related MAC Addresses
3C-36-E4, 00-00-C5, D0-39-B3, 8C-7F-3B, 94-62-69, D4-05-98, 78-71-9C, 48-D3-43, D4-0A-A9, 38-4C-90, 00-AC-E0, E4-57-40, E0-22-02, 2C-1D-B8, 00-15-D0, E8-6D-52, 3C-43-8E, 90-B1-34, 20-E5-64, 40-B7-F3, 94-CC-B9, 00-50-E3, EC-70-97, C0-A0-0D, 3C-04-61, 88-96-4E, F8-F5-32, B0-83-D6, 44-AA-F5, 70-85-C6, D0-E5-4D, B4-F2-E8, FC-8E-7E, 00-50-94, E0-B7-0A, C8-3F-B4, 20-73-55, 90-0D-CB, 14-CF-E2, 90-3E-AB, 00-21-43, 00-23-EE, 64-ED-57, 00-23-A3, F8-7B-7A, 00-25-F1, 00-1A-66, 00-18-C0, 00-1E-46, 00-1A-DE, 00-23-AF, CC-A4-62, 00-1D-CD, 00-1D-D4, 00-1D-CE, 00-08-0E, 00-15-9A, 00-19-2C, 58-56-E8, CC-75-E2, 8C-61-A3, 70-4F-B8, 50-75-F1, 88-71-B1, F0-AF-85, 88-EF-16, 0C-F8-93, 14-AB-F0, AC-B3-13, 30-60-23, 00-1D-D6, 1C-1B-68, 44-E1-37, E8-33-81, 84-61-A0, 60-19-71, 00-00-CA, 00-15-96, 00-15-A2, 00-13-11, 7C-26-34, 10-05-B1, 10-86-8C, 00-1D-D1, 00-26-D9, 28-C8-7A, 54-E2-E0, A0-55-DE, A0-C5-62, FC-6F-B7, 00-D0-37, 18-35-D1, 4C-38-D8, A8-9F-EC, 0C-EA-C9, F8-8B-37, 44-34-A7, 00-18-A4, 00-1A-1B, 00-14-9A, 00-13-71, 00-1D-BE, 00-1E-5A, 00-1D-6B, 00-1C-C1, 00-1C-11, 00-1F-7E, 00-24-95, 2C-9E-5F, C8-AA-21, 34-1F-E4, 40-0D-10, 00-1A-DB, 00-23-75, 00-24-A1, A4-ED-4E, 00-26-42, 00-15-CE, 00-20-40, 00-11-AE, 00-0F-9F, 00-0B-06, 00-15-2F, 00-11-1A, 00-16-26, 2C-58-4F, 4C-12-65, 40-2B-50, AC-DB-48, 0C-B7-71, 98-F7-81, 40-FC-89, 00-24-93, E4-64-49, 74-56-12, 74-EA-E8, A8-11-FC, 04-4E-5A, 94-E8-C5, F8-A0-97, B0-DA-F9, 18-B8-1F, BC-2E-48, 58-19-F8, 2C-95-69, 50-95-51, 24-0A-63, 00-1E-8D, 00-23-0B, 00-1B-52, 00-23-ED, 00-23-95, 00-22-B4, 00-21-36, 00-24-C1, 3C-75-4A, A4-7A-A4, 00-1A-AD, 00-19-5E, 00-14-04, 00-1B-DD, 00-23-A2, BC-64-4B, 34-7A-60, 84-E0-58, 00-36-76, 70-7E-43, 1C-14-48, 00-12-25, 00-12-8A, 00-03-E0, F8-2D-C0, E8-3E-FC, E8-89-2C, 00-1D-D3, 00-15-D1, 3C-DF-A9, 8C-09-F4, 08-3E-0C, 44-6A-B7, D4-04-CD, 10-56-11, 2C-99-24, 64-55-B1, C0-05-C2, 20-3D-66, 9C-C8-FC, FC-AE-34, A8-F5-DD, D4-3F-CB, C8-52-61, 60-D2-48, C0-89-AB, 74-E7-C6, 74-F6-12, DC-45-17, F8-0B-BE, 6C-C1-D2, 14-5B-D1, B0-77-AC, B8-16-19, A4-15-88, 38-70-0C, FC-51-A4, 28-7A-EE, CC-65-AD, 78-96-84, 90-C7-92, E8-ED-05, 00-0C-E5, 00-0E-5C, 00-15-A8, 00-17-00, 00-19-A6, 00-21-80, 00-26-BA, 00-26-41, 00-23-74, 00-25-F2, 00-15-CF, 38-6B-BB, 00-E0-6F, 00-04-BD, 5C-57-1A, 00-1D-D0, 00-1D-D5, 00-1D-CF, 00-14-E8, 00-19-C0, 98-6B-3D, 90-1A-CA, 64-12-69, 00-1C-C3, 14-D4-FE, 70-B1-4E, D8-25-22, 70-76-30, F4-0E-83, 60-8C-E6, 64-02-CB, F0-FC-C8, 2C-7E-81, 5C-E3-0E, 78-23-AE, 18-9C-27, E4-9F-1E, 60-92-F5, 18-20-D5, 14-C0-3E, 70-54-25, C8-63-FC, BC-CA-B5, 5C-8F-E0, 6C-CA-08, 54-65-DE, AC-EC-80, 3C-7A-8A, 00-0F-CC, 2C-A1-7D, 7C-BF-B1, 80-96-B1, 00-90-9C, 00-11-80, 00-17-EE, 00-D0-88, 00-12-C9, 00-1C-FB, 00-1C-12, 00-1F-C4, 00-22-10, 00-21-1E, F8-ED-A5, 40-70-09, 94-87-7C, 00-1D-D2, 00-17-E2, CC-7D-37, 00-1A-77, 98-4B-4A, 9C-34-26, 00-15-A4, 00-15-A3, C0-C5-22, 5C-B0-66, E4-83-99, 00-26-36, 00-24-A0, 00-16-75, 00-16-B5, 80-F5-03, 84-96-D8, D4-2C-0F, E0-B7-B1, 98-F7-D7, D4-B2-7A, 90-9D-7D, B0-93-5B, 20-F1-9E, 8C-5B-F0, 00-17-84, D4-AB-82, 94-8F-CF, 74-8A-0D, 6C-A6-04, 10-93-97, A4-98-13